Sunday, 21 March 2010

Funky Friday 50

Ok so the reason im on the blog in the first place is to take part inthe wonderful funky friday challange and this week its celebrating its 50th week!! so here is my entry, i made a treat box with cloase to cocoa which i have decorated with some "butterfly cakes" ^^ my cakes are inked with chocolate chip ink (outline), barley banana sponge with pretty in pink cake cases and sprinkles. My butterflys on top where cut out from my flittering by roller (also pretty in pink ink) Ive used pretty in pink ribbon for the middle and i have used "yummy" stamp set (from last years sale-a-bration) also inked in chocolate chip. the handle has been punched with the stampin up scallop edge punch and (although hard to see) the handle also has a whisper white strip on it decorated in pretty in pink ink with a stamp from the "bundle of joy" stamp set. I also have some chocolate chip card stock in the background ^^

Also i couldnt resist trying out abi's tutorials on making flowers using the heart and flower punch. I used a burgandy tissue paper i had to make the big petals and some very vanilla card stock for the inner petals, the inner petals are laced with dazzling diamonds glitter and the whole thing is held together by a pink gemstone brad. ^^


Hey, so ive been a long time off the site, but i have by no means stopped my craftyness ^^ im a bit busy at uni at the moment so dont suddenly expect regular updates on here but i thought whilst im taking part in this weeks funky friday challage i would at the same time show you some of the stuff ive done over the past year (well the stuff i have photos of) they are in no particular order im afraidrecently for my boss's birthday (he's disabled and loves teddies) ive actually made it to corrdinate with his living room which has recently been redecorated :D

Although hard to tell (as my camera is.... not very good...) there is glitter on the rose (from "a rose is a rose" stamp set) also used is the sweet always designer series paper and happy everything stamp set
These two cards also have no owners as of yet but quite a few female birthdays comming up so its only a matter of time. The purple butterfly card uses "bold butterfly" definatly decorative stamp set (now retired) and flittering by jumbo roller wheel. ive also used 5 petal flower punch and some patterned paper (cheep stuff not stampin up but only because i had no purple stampin up paper :( )

Inside and out of my card, no one in mind, just a male birthday card using crazy for cupcakes

This is my mums mother's day card (which i still havent got round to sending and might as well give to her in person when im home next week ><) main card stock is bravo burgandy which went lovely with the regal rose colour on the designer series paper "sweet always" i used the stamp set "simply said" (a favourite of mine) and the new co-ordinating heart punch ^^ (courtesy of my absolutely wonderful sister ) This one was for my brother-in-law lloyd's birthday last year although im pretty sure at this stage he was probably pretty tired of seeing stamps ><>

This card i still have had no use for but i loved making it using the bundle of joy stamp set and nursery letters roller, for the moment ill keep it and ill probably end up giving it to one of the mums i case load for next year :) the ribbon i found in a bargain bin at a local craft store :)

This was for one of my nephews birthdays (malachi) i used a variety of stamp sets including choo-choo unfrogettable bundle of joy and just beachy.

This card i made for my dad (i cant rememeber if it was fathers days or his birthday card ><) but i used "for father" stamping set from stampin' up and found these really neat screw brads in a local craft shop ^^

So this card i made about a year ago for my (ex) "uncle-in-law" for his 40th birthday. he is very into all the "jive" dancing and things so i made him a bit of a themed card and the woman's skirt moved as well with the tilting/sliding technique. The image i got online off google somewhere but the rest is stampin up card stock supplies and in the background is summer picnic designer series paper (which i think is now retired??)

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Hi ive been off for a while, dealing with university and other personal life matters. BUT the world does not stop turning for me and so i return with vengence and will be posting pictures of cards i have made over the past months (those which i took photos of) and ahh if only the weather had been this nice one year ago!! *sigh* oh well! keep an eye out for my pictures, im also trying to use all my stamp sets to proove i got them with reason. I hope you like what i have come up with! ^^ see you all sooon xxx

Monday, 30 March 2009

Cards!! at last cards!!

At last I have a chance to put some pictures up of the cards i have been making recently (there are not that many pictures but hey see what you think!) After this is over i will be off to make a card for my neice (shes 5 tomorrow!!) it will be red and butterflys... thats as far as my planing goes lol! any way on with the show:

Some little sample cards i made for the people who ordered betterware with me i made about 12 all together and added a little note inside inviting them to have a party! (with my sister of course not me im not a demo) i used my biotanical blooms set with a variety of colours, i quite liked the pinks and purples!

This is the latist card I have done which was last week using my punces and small peice of designer paper in the background, something yummy stamp set and a small brad for the flowers, i scored the flowers from the middle outwards just to give them a 3D effect.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


ok i have some more cards to show when i finally get a chance to upload them onto the computer. until then however you just get to hear about my rather interesting life so far... (cue to blog hop now) Thank you to everyone for the lovely congratulation cards i recived!! ^.^ as most people will know by now i got my place at Bournemouth University (on to be a midwife) all i have to do now is pass the course im on... (oh dear! that means doing some coursework!!) I have an Interview at Bristol tomorrow so quite nervous, would much rather go bristol but hey beggers cant be choosers. Im really excited to be on this course but it also means this blog will probably be updated more like once a month then anything else im going to be soooo busy with a ton of uni work and working my 37.5 hours clinical placement!! phew! sooo worth it though!! =) well ill try and get as much crafting done as possible between now and september (althought the whole moving out process will be interfering im sure!!) well have a nice day everyone and watch out for those photos (which will eventually come!!)
Luv Ya xxx

Friday, 6 March 2009


Ok so i dont know if i have mentioned yet im compleatly Japan and Anime obbsessed!! last week i had a masssive creative block spurred on by none other than the sudden confession and apparent death of my beloved all time favourite anime character Hyuuga Hinata (or western style Hinata Hyuuga) I am cured of all as her Death was only apparant (the confession all good!!) and all is well again!! i have several photo posts to make including cards and drawings (ooo...animie) and im just really really happy at this present moment in time my life is good!! I can draw better than ever, Im doing well at work and college, i have two uni interviews (bournemouth and bristol) in the next couple of weeks and Hinata is alive and Naruto knows she is in love with him!! ^.^ ahhh the world is how it should be i shall saviour it while it lasts!!
Luv ya xxx

Friday, 27 February 2009

Creative Block

Bah! I have a friends birthday on sunday and although im working tomorrow my hubby is off to his party, this means off course he needs a card but im suffering from creative block at the moment (will have to stomp over some sites for ideas) well, thats it from me, hopefully ill make something in time and post it up over the weekend (if its good enough) c - ya xx